The Shepherd

All that was keeping them out was a thin sheet of stained glass. That’s all that separated me from my congregation. How could I face them? We all saw the same thing, and now they wanted me to comfort them. What did I do when I can’t even comfort myself? I had dedicated most of […]

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Dan and Henry

Prompt by /u/wraithstrike: “You are a human survivor of the Sasquatch-Yeti Wars, tell a story of what happened after the peace talks.” The nursing home was quiet, the only sound was a radio down the hallway playing oldies music. The tunes of yesteryear echoed down the corridors into the Main room where we sat. It […]

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Her Beach

Image Prompt by /u/Syraphia She hopped off her bike and walked it down the sandy path. The moon shined brightly on that clear night, the only clouds hung over the dark blue sea. The warm sea breeze blew her hair back softly as the smell of salt filled her nostrils. She waited all week for […]

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The Knights Return

Image Prompt by /u/LovableCoward Normally entering the royal garden would make me feel happy, especially after being away for so long. Yet walking through the corridors did not cheer me in the slightest. I was not here for a warm homecoming, instead I came bearing the news from the front. 6 months I had been […]

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We Loving Few

The Prompt: It is many years in the future. A disease has wiped out 90% of the men on earth. Marriage is illegal and men are encouraged to breed with as many women as possible. Life is easy until you fall in love… “You know in old days, most men would kill to be in […]

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The Last man on Earth.

The Prompt: You are the last person on Earth. To feel less lonely you collected shop mannequins as substitutes for friends. One day when you walk past one of them you hear a faint “Help Me.” She caught me staring again. I couldn’t help it, she looked so beautiful and my eyes couldn’t look away. […]

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