Old Boys

Prompt by /u/addamson_wantsmonies:

“Write a story about a retirement home for people with superpowers.”

“So we meet again,” the old man stared across the lounge at another elderly man in his wheelchair across the room.

“We here everyday after lunch you ol’ kook!” The other man yelled back.

“You won’t fool me DESTRUCTO-MAN! I WILL STOP YOUR EVIL REIGN.” The old man slowly stood up, a small ball of lightning began to flicker in his palm. Before he could unleash any destruction, he fell back into his chair.

“Mr. Shock not again,” said one of the nurses as he came up to make sure he wasn’t hurt, “You can’t be trying to hurt Mr. Destructo again, you’re both too old to fight.”

“So he’s not planning to take over the world???” Mr. Shock asked.

“I haven’t tried taking over the world in 20 years!” Destructo shouted from his wheelchair.

The nurse wheeled Mr. Shock over in front of the fish tank next to Destructo. The two sat together, discussing old fights and battles, old enemies and allies, and the glory of days past. The same spot and the same conversation, everyday right after lunch. Then once it was time for dinner the old rivals were wheeled away and then to their rooms down the hall from one another. Through those halls lived many of the heroes and villains of old, their days of saving/destroying the world behind them.

Perhaps the day may come where they’ll have to put on their suits once more, but for now sitting in front of the fish tank fills their time well enough.


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