The Storm


31/100 by user artofmarius on Deviantart

The storm raged on as the waves grew higher and higher. You could hardly see the 5 feet in front of ya with this blasted rain. The crew had to work twice as hard to keep the ship going. This wasn’t a storm to wait around in, we had to get to calmer seas. It also did help we were being chased down by a Royal Navy Galleon. I hated those bastards, but they had some guts to keep chasing us through this storm.

“McConnel, I be need your eyes,” yelled the booming voice of Captain Rust at me from the behind the wheel. I made my way on the swaying ship up to him. “Aye Captain,” I said, “How can I be of service to ye?” Rust had a small smile on his face, “Go and see how far those Royal sea dogs are behind us!” He began to laugh, this is what he lived for. The rough ocean, the thrill of being hunted, he couldn’t get enough of it. That’s why he was one of the most wanted pirates in the Caribbean. I followed his orders and went to the rear of the ship.

The dark blue and white of the waves mixed in the gray of the rain made it very hard to see anything. He squinted to try to look farther, while also blocking my eyes from the hard rain. For a second I had thought we lost them, then I saw it. Cutting through the gray fog and rain was the faint black outline of a mast from behind a wave. A flash of lightning revealed the ship in full color, the red flag waved rapidly in the high winds. I returned back to Captain Rust with my report.

“Good,” he shouted, “I almost thought this day was going to be boring.” Captain Rust smiled from ear to ear. Giggling like some sort of mad man. He started surveying the sea that lay ahead. Wave after wave and rough seas as far as the eye could see, but Rust saw something I must’ve missed. His voice overpowered the sound of the storm, “BRACE YOURSELVES AND MAKE RIGHT WITH YOUR GODS.” No one knew what he was planning but we all grabbed onto something. Some men tied themselves to the mast, some went below deck. Others just held onto dear life to any railing they were near. I clutched to the rail next to Captain Rust.

With all his strength, Rust turned the wheel sharply to the left. Was he lining us up against the Galleon? This didn’t make any sense, none of men were on the cannons, it was suicide. “ROGUE WAVE STARBOARD SIDE!” cried a crewman from the lower deck. I turned and saw a wall of dark blue heading right for us. The top of the wave seemed to touch the clouds, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen at see. I looked back to the Royal Galleon, they too had turned left and were lining up for the shot. Just waiting for the waves to line us up. “Captain, we’re gonna get broadsided!” I shouted. I heard the fear in my voice and so did Rust. He just laughed, like I had told him a dirty joke.

The waved rolled closer and closer to us. Still we ran parallel to it. The sound of cannon fire came from the Galleon. “HIT THE DECK.” A slew of cannonballs bombarded the ship, splinters and wood exploded all around us. One of the crewmen was running for cover and was obliterated. A scream and a thud. Rust remained standing, calm as can be. I looked back to the wave, dark blue filled my eyes. I knew at this moment I would be dead. I began to pray, something I hadn’t done in a long time.

Rust turned the wheel sharply to the right. I almost got thrown overboard from the force. Right before the wave could broadside us we hit it head on. The ship sailed up at what like straight up the wave. I held on for dear life to to the rail. A crewman lost his grip and flew past Rust and I into the dark depths below. Looking back to see him I saw the Galleon. It hadn’t turned in time and began to cap size. I could see the white uniforms of the navy boys jumping ship.

We reached the top of the wave. Rust looked at me, “Now comes the fun part my boy!” Just then the ship began down the wave. I could feel myself being pulled from the rail but I held on. The ship slammed back into the see. Opening my eyes I saw that not only did I live, but the storm began to let up. The seas began to calm down as we left the storm. Rust helped me up from the deck, “What’s wrong boy? Don’t ya have your sea legs?” I nervously laughed with him. I think I had soiled myself.

Captain Rust ordered the men to begin repairing the ship and helping the wounded. I couldn’t believe it, he acted like we hadn’t almost went to Davy Jones’ locker today. “How did you know that would work?” I asked awestruck. He just smiled and looked me dead in the eye.

“I didn’t.”


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