A Long Week

She had to get this paper done. No excuses, 15 pages and it was due by Saturday afternoon. It was Friday night and she had only gotten the title page done. The Native Americans and the Shoe. Yeah now that didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore. Too late to change it now though, she had dug her own grave. “Maybe I’ll have a heart attack,” she said aloud, “That should get me an extension!” Sebastian, her black cat, meowed in concern. “Oh don’t give me that look,” she laughed, “I’m only half joking.” Sebastian seemed satisfied and cuddled up next to her. It was a sweet gesture, but she couldn’t be distracted now. The click of the keyboard began to ring through the small apartment. She kept typing for hours, only taking breaks to refill her coffee or to check her book. The words somehow began to flow from her fingers, if they were good or not she didn’t know. At least words were making their ways onto the page so that’s all that matters now. Thoughts began to fill her head of the jobs she would have to get after failing this paper. Would you like fries with that? She shook it off and only got more motivated to finish this paper. Time seemed to be lost as she typed away through the night.

She woke up to Sebastian licking her ear. Groggily she shooed him away, squinting as the morning sun shined in her eyes. Fear struck her heart, Did she fell asleep and didn’t finish her paper? What time was it? She grabbed her laptop and turned it on. The screen popped up and there it was, her completed paper. A sigh of relief left her mouth. So she curled up and went back to sleep.


It’s been a long week by PascalCampion on Deviantart


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