Work Day


Work Day by Seven-teenth on Deviantart

Another boring day at work

I thought to myself as I collected a long piece of cord. I had fallen into a routine, a boring one, and I didn’t like it. I know that I’m extremely lucky, ya know, to still be alive and all. Not many people could say that these days, not since the Big Burn. Does anyone else call it that? I mean that’s what I called it and I haven’t talked to anyone long enough to get a second opinion. But anyway I’m lucky to have a friend in this lonely planet, my favorite pooch Buddy. Original right?

I had found him one day as I was collecting some scrap from an old research station. I had just found a stash of some Pre-Tera rations. The stuff was ancient, even before the Burn. Anyway as I was collecting them into my bag I heard a faint whimpering. It was coming from under some debris. I lifted a piece of ceiling panel to see a small dog. He looked rough, skinny and had a fresh cut on his side. Now I wouldn’t necessarily be described as a “caring” person by my peers. Something made me feel bad for him, his poor little eyes looking up at me in fear. I don’t wanna sound sappy, but he reminded me of my baby brother. That’s a story for another time though.

Now Buddy was healthy and happy. A little chubby actually, but don’t tell him that. I laughed as I saw him chase some Skabirds that were perched on a fallen burnt tree. Making my way towards the outpost where the cord had at one time connected to, I called to Buddy. “C’mon Buddy,” I shouted, “I need your sniffer over here.” Buddy complied and ran to my side.

We quickly got to work inside, Buddy sniffed for food, while I scavenged any useful components. Wait, what was I talking about a minute ago? Oh yeah! The routine I had fallen into. If that wasn’t a good enough example, I’m not sure what would be!

I guess I just wish something interesting would happen to me for once. Anytime I meet another survivor it’s always awkward. I’ll ask them if they had any interesting stories and everyone always have some great feat they accomplished. One guy for example, told me how he had saved a town from losing their H2O source from a gang leader with a god complex. Then they’ll eventually ask me and I just say something about something Buddy and I found. Why not use the Buddy story from earlier? That’s what you’re thinking. See I save that story for the ladies, can’t let anyone else know you got a soft spot. They might just stab you in it.

That brings up another issue on this ashy rock. The Women. There’s very few of them. If you thought it was hard getting girls Pre-Burn, you have no idea. Like this one girl I met, sweet girl and completely gorgeous. You know, no burnt flesh or mutations. We hung out for a few days and just talked. She would pet Buddy and we would laugh and have such a good time. So I finally muster the courage to ask her if she wants to become my companion. Now get this, she tells me she has a boyfriend waiting for her. A BOYFRIEND? Unbelievable. But what can you do I guess? Just gotta keep moving on to the next thing.

I just hope the next thing isn’t boring…


2 thoughts on “Work Day

  1. An interesting insight into post-apocalyptic daily life, thanks for the quick read, I enjoyed it.

    I think you have a word missing up top: ‘I know that I’m extremely to, ya know, still be alive and all.’


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