The Red Eye


Image prompt by /u/Syraphia

We made it. After we missed our first flight, slept in if you could believe it, I worried the next flight wouldn’t be for a couple days. Fate must’ve been on our side because there were 2 seats on a flight that night. A Red Eye, no stops, right to our destination. The look on my wife Susan’s face when I told her was priceless. I felt like a super hero who just saved the day. She hugged me and gave me a kiss. We took our bags and found our gate.

Now, we are flying through the night sky. The stars seem to shine brighter above the clouds. Susan is asleep cuddled up on my shoulder, a small smile is on her face. The book she was reading is opened face down on the tray. To not lose her page apparently, I guess it was cheaper than a bookmark. I put in my headphones and start listening to some music. The stewardess drops off my cup of coffee I ordered earlier. It smelled delicious. Probably cost a small fortune, I thought to myself. After taking a sip of it I rested my head back and closed my eyes.

Here I was on a all night flight across the world. My loving wife cuddling up next to me. A nice smell of coffee and beautiful music filling my ears. I took it all in, because tomorrow everything would change. Tomorrow we will meet our daughter and bring her home.


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