Dan and Henry


Prompt by /u/wraithstrike: “You are a human survivor of the Sasquatch-Yeti Wars, tell a story of what happened after the peace talks.”

The nursing home was quiet, the only sound was a radio down the hallway playing oldies music. The tunes of yesteryear echoed down the corridors into the Main room where we sat. It smelled, well it smelled like a nursing home, they all had to the same smell. I would know I had travelled to over 20 cities interviewing veterans for my book on the Squatch War.

It had been nearly 70 years since the Appalachia Treaty was signed, ending the bloody conflict between the humans and Sasquatch(and Yetis). Tensions had settled since then, and we our races learned to live together. Now all the tension was just a couple old vets making fun of each other, the best example were the two in front of me. A grizzled old human man named Dan and a graying male Sasquatch named Henry. 70+ years ago they fought on opposite sides, now they live on opposite sides of the hall.

“Th War? Ya wanna know about the war?” Asked Dan.

“He just asked you, are your man ears not working?” Said Henry.

“They work fine! I’m trying to speak colorfully for the book! Can you even read you skunk ape?” Dan was clearly annoyed.

Henry angrily responded, “How many time I tell you old man? I’m a Yowie, skunk ape is a dumb human name you given us.”

I had to interject, this was fun and all, my book couldn’t be filled just ramblings. “How old were you when the war started?”

“18” said Dan, “I was still a youngster.”

“I was 98,” stated Henry, “which is very young in Sasquatch years.”

Dan grumbled under his breath so I quickly moved one to my next Question. “What moment do you remember the most from the War?”

Henry chipped up, “When my people signed the Appalachia Treaty, ended the bloodshed and loss of so many squatch and men.”

“My favorite is when we won at Yellowstone!” Dan blurred out, “really gave it to there Henry haha!”

“My cousin was killed at Yellowstone,” Henry said solemnly.

Dan’s mood didn’t change, “Yeah well my cousin died at Pittsburgh and he was an asshole.”

Henry looked down, but then smiled, “my cousin was also an asshole. Always picked on me.”

The two beings began to laugh together. The interview lasted for another hour or so. We discussed their lives before, during, and after the war. Their wives and grandchildren. Some disagreements over the current political issues. Eventually the nurses came to take them back to their rooms.

“Well thank you both so much, you’ve really taught me a lot” I shook both of their hands.

“Look don’t mention it kid, I better see my check in the mail,” Dan said as was rolled away. Along side of Henry. I gathered my things and headed for my car.

Even though they fought on different sides, shared different morals and views, and argued constantly, they were still friends. You just wouldn’t hear them admit it



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