Her Beach


Image Prompt by /u/Syraphia

She hopped off her bike and walked it down the sandy path. The moon shined brightly on that clear night, the only clouds hung over the dark blue sea. The warm sea breeze blew her hair back softly as the smell of salt filled her nostrils. She waited all week for this moment, to come the beach tonight.

When most people think of the beach, they think about going in the middle of the day. The sun shining brightly and reflecting off the waves. Crowds of people laying their colorful towels all along the coast. She didn’t care for all of that, she didn’t want to deal with the crowds. Nor did she care for all the noise or the heat of the sun, she preferred coming at night.

This was the only time she could really be alone, and have some peace and quiet to herself. She would use this time to write in her journal or try to practice her drawing, but mostly she just watched the ocean flow back and forth on the beach. Mostly she tried to stay there for only 2 hours max, that didn’t stop her from staying as long 3 or 4. This was her happy place, her hidden private paradise.

This was Her Beach.


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