The Last man on Earth.

The Prompt: You are the last person on Earth. To feel less lonely you collected shop mannequins as substitutes for friends. One day when you walk past one of them you hear a faint “Help Me.”

She caught me staring again. I couldn’t help it, she looked so beautiful and my eyes couldn’t look away. If only I could talk to her. Who am I kidding she would never go with a guy like me. Besides, I had many other good friends. Like Rob and Steve who live across the hall from me. Bill the bartender, always gave free drinks, and Joey from the book store.

The worse she can she say is “No” so why should I even stress about it. I’ll ask her out. Right here, right now. I walk up to her, she’s motionless. Playing hard to get. So I stand right next to her and say, “I’ve seen you around and I’d like to take out for dinner some time.”


“You know you don’t ha-” before I could finish my sentence I was cut off by her.

“HELP ME” a muffled voice came from her.

This is it, I’ve finally gone crazy

I knew this moment was going to come eventually. It had been 1,254 days since I had seen another human being. Anywhere. I had traveled over half the country before deciding just to give up my search. I feel so stupid now. I had looted all the shop mannequins and set up them up. I don’t know why, it made me feel, I don’t know, not so alone. Now I had really cracked, now they were talking to me.

I sat there for awhile just trying to get my head straight. The sun was starting to set, time to get home. I wonder if Rob and Steve want to.. Forget it. I got up and wiped my eyes just as I started to walk away I heard it again.

The voice only get louder.

At this point the voice is so loud I can barely hear myself think. My ears started to hurt, I fell to the floor and tried to cover them. The pain and noise had gotten so intense I began to yell out in pain. I opened my eyes and looked and I was surrounded by them. Joe, Rob, Steve, and Bill. Their blank emotionless faces staring down at me. My heart almost stopped beating

I woke up sweating and breathing heavily in my bed. I was home. Thank god I thought, it was just a bad dream. I knew I had to get rid of those mannequins today. No more of that crap. I had calmed and got up to make some food. As I walked out to the kitchen I heard a thump at my door. Another animal must’ve wandered in. I kept walking towards my pantry when I heard the door creak open. I turned around quickly and froze.

In the hall way stood a crowd of mannequins, blank faced, staring directly at me.


The End


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