Old Boys

Call your grandpa

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All Together Now

Prompt: “In the future everyone you know is a part of a Hive Mind, one day your loved ones stage an intervention.” I didn’t mind it after awhile. Sure it was weird and kinda terrifying at first, but now it wasn’t so bad. It kinda made everything easier. I didn’t have to worry about lousy […]

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The Storm

31/100┬áby user artofmarius on Deviantart The storm raged on as the waves grew higher and higher. You could hardly see the 5 feet in front of ya with this blasted rain. The crew had to work twice as hard to keep the ship going. This wasn’t a storm to wait around in, we had to […]

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A Long Week

She had to get this paper done. No excuses, 15 pages and it was due by Saturday afternoon. It was Friday night and she had only gotten the title page done. The Native Americans and the Shoe. Yeah now that didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore. Too late to change it now though, […]

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